Monday, 27 September 2010

The start of term

The new term starts tomorrow, therefore i popped into college today to prepare. I had a quick meeting with Rob and Jeff to discuss the possibility of having a catalogue for the Hitachi PV and so far so good. Jeff's feedback seemed quite positive overall- the idea and cost. However, we do have a very short time to prepare- only 3 weeks. I still need to work on design and content, I think i may need some help, it will have to be a tight turnaround and the printer that i have a quote from suggests that we need at least two weeks printing time.
This week i am quite busy, especially as we still don't have anywhere to live and our third housemate lives in Cornwall- she's staying at my parents house tonight, but really we need somewhere very soon. Commuting to college from Cornwall is a little bit of an issue...

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