Thursday, 13 January 2011


My tutorial was interrupted slightly today by a swarm of people coming into the opt-in space; Andrew was a little confused as to why they came and sat with us until we moved and i had to explain that half of our year had come to the opt-in space to talk to me about fundraising. The tutorial did go really well though- for once i think we were both on par with where i have to take my dissertation next and he was pleased that i had managed to get some reading done over Christmas.
The fundraising meeting i thought was really good- we found out a lot of information about the postcard auction that's going to happen and there was a lot of enthusiasm about having an event after the Dissertation hand in and after the postcard auction itself. I offered mine and Joe's services as Ushers during the Postcard auction which will be fun- it means we'll get to dress up! we are also going to do a mass of bake sales in the next couple of weeks to get some funds- I'm organising it next week because Tim is in the show set up, but we have had lots of offers of help so it shouldn't be too busy.

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