Monday, 15 November 2010

Royal Academy - Treasures of Budapest

I went to see treasures of Budapest today with Rob. It closes soon so i thought i should use my membership. I recieved the membership for my birthday from my brother- I think he wants to prove to me that my work is not real art, afterall it doesn't come in the form of a painting! I'm only joking, i'm sure he respects my work for what it is, and the gift was very generous. Myself and Rob were very pleased- and i was very excited to see what the RA members room was like.
The exhibition was very extensive, but unusually i didn't see this as a problem- it had a lot of substance and the majority of the paintings were very beautifully painted. It wasn't until we exited and realised we had been in the space for at least 2 1/2 hours we saw the real vasity of the exhibition as we felt as if we had only browsed the work. I think Rob enjoyed the exhibition more than myself- he looked extensivly at many of the pieces (especially one of the first we looked at, a medieval alter piece) but i enjoy our trips to painting exhiobitions anyway; I always come away with a little more knowledge to add to my art history archive. Rob knows everything. I especially enjoy the few people that follow us around an exhibition just to listen to waht Rob is telling me about each painting.
Treasures of Budapest

We were also planning to go and see The Glasgow Boys today, but the RA was closing as we left the Budapest Exhibition. We didn't even get to go in the members room. However on the plus side of leaving durnig the evening, we managed to see  Christmassy Piccadilly. I forced Rob to go into Fortnum & Masons- i drew him in with the window displays, old master paintings, restructured to become almost 3D sets.

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