Artist's statement

My practice explores human interaction and cultural viewpoint within a western commercial environment through a participatory, performative artwork. My process is to be involved in as many social situations as possible to gain as much experience from different people as i can, this is essential in creating a unique platform to which anyone can participate or question what is going on.. There is a sense of care and helpfulness to the everyday processes I undertake and I often find myself in a facilitator role, which is undoubtedly apparent in the work. I find it important to talk to people about my artwork in an understandable way, with the hope of them being interested in the freedom and confidence that I have found within the 'good' of art.

I use event based situations to realise my experiences and concerns and the work takes its form with specific, over the top characters in obscure situations. By opening up the artwork with humorous or bizarre contexts and ‘everyday’ or known situations, a participant or audience member can immediately relate to an artwork without feeling like the one that is out of place. This is partly why I am interested in commercialism, as everyone is a part of it in England. By using these contexts and stereotypes, participants can expand their own views of stereotypes and society.

My work is intended to be light hearted and enjoyable, but it often contains a slightly sinister undertone. The undertone i find often comes with the participants doubt of myself as performer or the viewers doubt of sensationalised concepts, but ultimately this leads to encourage the participant or viewer think outside of the performer or artwork. My main interest is hospitality; in how we converse, as a culture to each other and strangers. Through this directional communicative role, as the performer I can invite participants into a situation.

Please follow my blog to read about these processes and artistic realisations.