Monday, 9 May 2011

Susan Hillar and my forthcoming performance

I was just writing a couple of sentences that i will be using on Wednesday as part of a performance and i realised how much the Susan Hiller exhibition has effected my work and thought processes. I was thinking about the Jeremy Kyle show and all of the crazy situations the contestants are in when they get there. We  (When i say we, i mean the majority) imagine, as the viewer, that we are the 'The type' that would not be a custom to these bad situations- however it is probably more the case that we just wish not to advertise in this way. The Punch and Judy piece by Susan Hiller is a thought provoking and disturbing installation built up from the 'Punch and Judy' shows that litter the countries seaside. It builds up the image of violence and sounds of screams from the shows, but it is quite obvious (unlike watching a 'funny' seaside show) that there is domestic violence going on. How does this relate to your work?! I hear you say... well.
I was thinking of less obvious ways of using the title bands in the Jeremy Kyle shows, and decided i should use mundane sentences, like 'i fell over and broke my foot'- however this wasn't really saying anything and Jeremy Kyle titles are always more directional and abusive so i decided to think about things that were less directional but in everyday circumstances could be taken out of perspective to create an argument. Hopefully, the titles i will use on Wednesday will have the same subtlety that Hiller's work has in showing the gap between the Kyle 'contestants' and themselves. In the fact that we are all only human, and these bad situations could in some ways be better let out on the kyle show as opposed to being Britishly hidden- If not only for the limeted aftercare of the show.

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