Thursday, 12 May 2011

Jeremy Vs Morality

 To glorify the ‘Jeremy Kyle’ Show is morally wrong. 

Is this statement fact or is it just a misunderstanding of its participants, a trying case of ‘us’ higher beings trying to avoid the under-class altogether? This could be described as an under-class show; without trying to stereotype an audience, it plays at a time when most would be at work, thus illustrative of the target group. Perhaps it is not the case that it is immoral for the middle classes to watch, just an excuse of avoidance in wanting to enjoy a show that is not intended for them. The show is entertaining, it allows the viewer insight into a person’s life. As you can see from any reality TV programme, no matter how mundane the subject (Big Brother), obscure the content (Any real life documentary on channel 4) or factual (BBC 4) people will watch because they are interested in people. The immorality comes from The Jeremy Kyle show team, who do use participants as contestants- they wind them up with phone calls and allow those with obvious mental disability destroy their lives on the show for ratings and then provide a lack of aftercare (A session of counselling cannot heal public humiliation) . However, now this show has left its mark on society as something that abuses the disabled and disturbed, should it be destroyed? Because actually it does appeal to an audience that does not actually gain much consideration, the deed has been done and to take away from the disadvantaged any aspiration would also be immoral. Catch 22.

To conclude, it is not immoral to watch ugly people on TV, it’s not immoral to think that they are ugly either- ugliness is subjective and not surface deep and I’m sure those that watch and aspire to the Jeremy Kyle show do not find those on the apprentice attractive- either way, my point  is that ugliness should not be hidden to sweep a whole class of people under the carpet, if it is morally wrong to watch ‘ugly’ people, then in a different subjective class it is immoral to watch ‘attractive’ people. Jeremy Kyle owns his own style of Airbrush.

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