Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Painting With Rob

After 3 years of being at Chelsea, Rob and I managed to do that double still life- thing we used to talk about. The problem was for me that i havn't painted in a whihle- and actually i don't think i have ever painted from life. It was very relaxing through. I remember now why i used to paint and enjoy it, and now coming to the degree show it probably would have been a lot less stressful (Although i'm sure about 10 painters are going to come and beat me up for saying that- especially Rob who said i should swap paractices and be a painter while i still have a chance). Still Rob did a fantastic job, and mine did resemble Rob to a degree- It was commented that i had got the eyes right, but through my new enjoyment of painting odd coloured backgrounds i think it looked more like a cartoon of Rob. Thinking back, the first drawing i ever did of Rob did resemble a warewolf- perhaps i should give up now.

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