Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dr who: Gridlock scene 3

This Episode of Dr Who has been challenging my brain for the last month or so. I had a dream in which it came to me that this episode was significant in some way to my work- however now I'm just thinking it was a mix sleep deprivation and watching too much Dr Who. However, without undermining my argument for the relevance of Dr Who on my work- I have watched a lot of it this year and it is hard not to think about scenes, such as this one, where the main characters are offered emotion as drugs. The Drug aspect obviously being denoted as a bad thing, but maybe more tempting as an emotion. It kind of symbolises to me that emotion is dangerous.
I am becoming more and more intrigued with Dr Who as the 6th series it to be unfolded, as to its popularity as well as its cultural references. Without sounding like too much of a geek- Dr Who references the Lion King in the first episode of series two when he regenerates and has to talk himself out of a tricky situation. I think it is little things like this that make the show so popular and so easy to watch. Even though he visits a different world every week- there is always a link back to the 'human'- emotion, empathy etc. Basically, a common ground that anyone can relate to. I think this is a great skill of the writers at the BBC- as i start to buy more and more DVDs i realise that the majority of them are BBC series' or films. I tend to find that they are not shocking, disturbing, or anything that is 'too much' for anyone- but entertaining to the majority in a informing and original way. Therefore DR Who is appropriate to my work in a big way- in the wanting to appeal to everyone in an entertaining way.

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