Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dancing in their Footsteps Success!

The play went really well today so a big congratulations to the entire cast. There were moments where I felt like it wasn’t going to go well (for example, when I was asked to find a very specific type of coat for one of the scenes yesterday) but luckily all of the problems seemed to dissolve. My Nan stayed at my house last night so she could get to the play today without so much trouble; however i think I underestimated how difficult it would be to get my Nan to mine. There were a lot of steps that I didn’t realise were there. We had a fun evening though, and luckily it was sunny so my Nan didn’t have to see how dismal our flat looks when it’s not sunny.

On arrival to the theatre in the morning I was apprehensive about the stage, it had a capacity of 290 i think and we were told it would be full up. We had also been told that we would be on a very large dance stage; in my worst imagination i had thoughts of having to run back and forth across the stage to place chairs and falling over. Chairs’ obviously not being the most important issue- but it was in my Job description, so I had the right to be cautious. Also, this stage meant that it would be impossible for me and Olivia to sit off stage- A professional theatre as opposed to a little studio downstairs. My Nan enjoyed the thought of performing on an international dance stage though; we had stories all Saturday and Sunday when she met up with the other older people about how in the old days they had been all over the world to perform in big theatres. Once John Major came to see them! I think there was a little disappointment last year that they wouldn’t be acting in the main theatre.

The Laban building was incredible- apparently designed by the same person that designed the Tate Modern- the closer you walked towards the building the more it started to blend into the skyline and the foreground was covered in strangely shaped hills that dance students were running up and down gracefully, the surface of the building seems to be covered in a strangely coloured blue/green plastic that is almost lenticula when you look at it. Malcolm said that it was nicknamed Teletubby land, but this was something else, definitely worth a look if you are around Deptford.

But yes, the play went really well, all of the que’s were followed correctly and despite not being able to view it from the front there was defiantly a lot more energy in the performance than had been in any rehearsals. I think the audience really enjoyed it too- there was an astounding amount of laughter coming from the audience- even at points where we didn’t anticipate it. The was also a lot of applause after our bad manners scene; mainly because Jean- one of our older actresses had to pogo with a lot of teens for about 5 minutes straight!

we have been told that the performance will be repeated in the near future at our regular place in Blackheath (The Bakehouse Theatre) I can't wait to see everyone again. I am definately going to miss rehursals on a saturday morning now it's all over.

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