Monday, 10 January 2011

Start of term

Its the start of term today and i am so gutted that i was ill over Christmas- the amount of work i could've got done in that time, but no, now i have to work doubly as hard and catch up with myself. we have our interim show in two weeks and i have no idea what to do. Our theme for the work is Translations which means we have to take a side step from our normal practice and 'translate' our ideas and concepts in a different way. I've been thinking about making magazines with public information in, but I'm not sure if that is a side step of a massive jump to the left. Hopefully something will come to me this week while i am helping Rob gild his artwork.
Rob asked me to come in and help him Gild an Alter piece for his exhibition which is next week which should be fun although i haven't done it for three years so although i can remember the process i cant guarantee that I'm any good at it. Still, a skill shared. Today we are just shellacking the wood and Glossing, so not much pressure on that front- plus I'll be quite pleased to see Rob- not seen him since before Christmas. It will be a full time consuming week- but with gilding comes time to think, so hopefully i can use this reflection time wisely to think about my dissertation tutorial on Thursday as well as thinking about what i can do for the show. The pressure's on!

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