Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mid-term Review

 As we have approached mid-term already, we have been sent away to gather all appropriate work to show the tutors what we have been getting up to this year. This blog i felt would be the main event of what we would be talking about, but that wasn't actually the case and instead we spoke about archival videos of past performances and guides. I'm now wishing that instead of going for the 'informal chat' option i had gone with the 'formal power point presentation' option. I don't feel like i managed to get across what my practise was at all or that my processes aren't bound to 'community work'. It would be very culturally limited otherwise. If my work poses questions about culture then commercial cultures i also feel should be considered. This is something that i felt quite strongly about last year also, when organising the Hitachi project. People found it very easy to dismiss the Hitachi project as something that was purely commercial and for the students to make a bit of cash- but actually, i found it more to be something that opened student artwork up to a new sector of people, people that were interested in what we were doing and wanted to join in. Whereas in a primary school in an underprivileged area may get college art projects flung on it from government- people who work admin jobs in offices all day don't receive anything of that sort, and who are we as artists to say who is more deserving of art. You may say that they can afford to buy their own art, their own culture- but this is the only way it can happen without funding- so what is so bad about a company giving students money to make some artwork?
Anyway. Back to the review. I don't feel good about it at all. I think i am lacking in communicating my ideas and interests and also my capabilities as an artist. So hopefully i will start to do this on here. Be more precise on why i am doing things and who is influencing me. Plus those review sheets that we had to fill in- they were awful. If you had to explain your practise in one word (basically) however you have to list at least 50 different artists names!

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