Tuesday, 1 February 2011

College tours

Myself and Joe have been doing promotional tours of the college now for a good couple of months and now we are coming to the end. The basic gist of the work to try and make as many students want to come to our college as possible. However today we were called in to give a talk/ tour about the Design course. To be honest you could say that we blagged it, and you wouldn't be wrong. We also managed to completely miss half of the tours by getting back to the lecture theatre too late after fueling up on coffee. Not a good morning. I think it was our main objective during the talk to get a couple of laughs (Just so we seemed human) this may not have worked due to the fact that only the librarian laughed at us and in turn this may have become detrimental to the intake of design students next year. Oh well, one more left, hopefully next week we wont be so daunting.

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