Saturday, 5 February 2011

Beautiful Ballrooms

I managed to get to The reminiscence centre today for a rehearsal of the up and coming age exchange production. I was quite apprehensive at first- seeing as i haven't been to the centre for a couple of months, but i needn't have been because i got a very warm welcoming as i came in. A lot of the cast from the previous play were there as well as one or two new faces. Apparently there will be more coming, but we have lost a couple of the younger peoples theatre to university.
As always there were a lot of stories flying about, from the old days and actually some that i had in common about school discos- the DJ that always insisted on playing the Bob the Builder song and wore a silly wig and a Micheal Jackson mask. They were always bizarre, and obviously not too unique either. I also had to join in with some of the exercises as we were lacking cast members- it was immediately apparent that i am not able to follow a script, let alone dance, or even pretend to dance! Here's to hoping that more people will turn up next time.
The location of the play this time is actually going to be in a ballroom- The Rivoli Ballroom in Brocky. I didn't realise until i checked back on my e-mails today but I'm really looking forward to the stage managing now- it means i get to have a good explore around the theatre. In which case it shouldn't have really come as surprise to me that the play would be based around going out and dancing.
I'm back again in a couple of weeks to check up on what is going on- looking forward to the stories!

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