Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Viva Blackpool

- I really love this series- i remember watching it a couple of years ago, but have found it again after realising that i missed half of the episodes- I also managed to buy it very cheaply off of amazon with the special 'Viva Blackpool' episode in  it (The return of David Morrisay as a vicar). I really enjoy the choreography and how sensationalised all of the characters are, in a way as the series goes on they are all deconstructed by each other and become slightly more real- there is also a nice jump between who you 'feel' for most in each episode. This clip is the opening scene- it is a very odd scene where David Morrisay manages to make everyone fall in love with him by being really horrible. To be honest, even i am convinced that he is great- but its probably because he is singing (There is also quite a few Elvis songs in this that he sings- which i very much enjoy). My favourite part in this scene which appears throughout the series at different points. It  is the part with David Morrisay's face on the fruit machines- it happens with a couple of the characters, and denotes an ultimate power at that moment in the series- especially if there are 3 faces together; very clever.
Anyway, It's really worth watching the rest of the series for the high contrast Blackpool aesthetic and of course the singing and dancing, despite this not being a film review i give it 10 out of 10 - it is definitely making me think more about the characters in my work at the moment and how i can sensationalise them a little more.

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