Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rollerskates and Government Cuts

We have our half of interim show coming up next week and to celebrate the meeting of the other seminar group yesterday, myself and Joe went to buy Roller skates- the intention was to commute to college on them everyday but actually- i'm not very good. I fell over and now hurt all over, especially my right arm. I think my confussion  was that i can skate at Roller discos and  actually at roller discos there isnt the issue of all of the bumpy pavements and pedestrians walking in the opposite direction. I think that when you rollerskate people actually try to get in your way aswell "ooo look, people on rollerskates that are obviously finding it quite difficult to stand up, let alone stop- perhaps i will ride my bike into them...?" I wont be skating in a while...
We did get to college within an hour of buying the skates which was good, even though it may have been quicker to walk. The rush was to get back for a Hitchi meeting, unfortunately it is a handover to the next year of participants. It was quite sad talking about the project for the last time, but exciting just the same to hear from the second years. Surprisingly not that many people turned up, maybe it wasn't as well advertised as last year but i can remember the whole of the blue room being full with people, questions and ideas, To only pick 10 pieces of work was difficult because there was so much interest. Jeff has said that he is going to call another meeting so hopefully there will be more interest next time.

There was also a very interesting lecture last night. It is the first in a programme of talks in the college and last nights was about the recent Government cuts, education and global warming. It was opened out to the lecture theatre but i was a little too intimidated to ask any questions- i felt a little out of my depth being surrounded by post-grads. It was a conversation between David Cross and Hayley Newman- David's part of the lecture mainly consisted of facts and figures and Hayleys more of the personal experience of the cuts. It was very interesting and will help tenfold with my dissertation as i've decided to open up my writing a little. I'm definately going to look out on the internet for the notes of the discussiona and i look forward to next week.

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