Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Protest protest protest... protest... is it working?

An interesting blog i read about the validity of the student protests is from one of the third year students last year Harry Major- whos opinion i quite agree with- it's not that the protests shouldn't be happening its just that they should be happening in a more up to date way- i.e. breaking into david camerons place of work is not going to make him feel sympothetic towards students, also as Harry says, the media has a very large stronghold on the students, especially with Murdochs links within the government, so the students will always be misrepresented to the public if they protest in a way that David Cameron doesn't like.
I couldn't give you a different way of protesting- maybe virally? Crashing computer systems and general annoyance? This way the public couldn't suggest that we are all violent thugs maybe even finding a way to address the public instead of government- after all we have lost the government vote to keep fees low, we now have to appeal to those who will be voting for a new government in a couple of years time.
Anyway -something to think about.

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