Saturday, 15 January 2011

Interim Show idea

For the up and coming interim show, for the week leading up to (next week) the show and during, as my piece of work i will be offering my help to anyone who needs it whom is already participating in the show.  The idea came from helping Rob out last week with his alter piece and realising how busy everyone in our year is at the moment. The idea of the work is that the artist (myself) participates wholly with the show as situation specific piece; my aim is to take away the notion of the artists 'self indulgance' - taking away my control, well as much as I can. I think it raises questions in my work about control and how i choose to use my time to create my work and the ethical questions of asking people to control you, and weather it is more difficult to make decisions or not make decisions. It is always a moral problem for me distinguishing the difference between helping people in a voluntary type way (such as in Senior section) and using them in my artwork. I feel that this piece is very much testing the grounds of when participation is voluntary for me and a different way of translating my work.I'm intrigued to find out how people will use me in the show- whether they will use me for manual labour or whether they will want me to produce an artwork to be on equal par to them. Also i think the main thing i have to work out is, is it more ethical for me to give my verbal input into the show or to stand back and let others use me as a physical input.
This is also interesting for me at the moment because i am looking in my thesis at the idea of 'good' art and ethics and service which are all themes that relate to this piece. I am however slightly concerned that no-one will ask for my help and i will be asked to stay at home for the private view (But only in terms of university marking).

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