Saturday, 10 July 2010

Face Painting at HWPS!

5000 tiger faces painted today at the Harold Wood school fate. Maybe a slight exaduration, but my fingers do feel a little blistered from painting so many faces in the extreeme heat, i think a couple of children melted today it was so hot, i'm also very knackered after working all week in London (Not enough days in the week!). I don't think i managed to have a drink all day either- we were there for about 7 hours with a constant stream of children. My mum passing the more complex kids ideas to me- "I want you to write this on one hand, this on the other, and maybe a little picture on my cheek... is this enough money?"
"well you only have 5p, a button and a paper clip... go on then"
To be honest, its only the very young children that try and get their face painted for 2p, and actually thier parents have probably had to spend so much in the fete already that they deserve a free face paint.
Anyway, we raised about £80 on our stall- so well done to us!

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