Thursday, 27 January 2011

The end to a very long series of events involving helping people...

Our crit was today, and lucky me got to go first. It was really unfirtunate actually because i had asked Dave to do a seminar a while ago and he had planned it for that morning and i was asked to speak about my work just as i was supposed to be leaving. I don't feel like i put myself accross very well in explanation and i recieved responses like "I don't think your piece worked because we felt responsible for you" which is actually something that i felt my work adressed- well obviously if they felt that. I didn't feel that i could really address my work either without people previously talking about theres or being in such a large group as we were. It was a little unfortunate i didn't get round to talking to many of the tutors last night, i think it may have all clicked together if they had seen the performance. I'm still thinking that the proposition of helping was more the work than the performance but i can't deny that the group chose for me to do an artwork for thier show.

Anyway, on leaving the crit i ran off to Daves seminar which was terribly crowded. I didn't feel i really got enough out of the seminar, there were alot of people asking very simple questions and changeing the subject. What dave did address in Ethics was very interesting but i would've liked to hear more about participation as an artform as opposed to it just being a use of social art therapy (again, repeated questions). I'm hoping that he may do another- otherwise a tutorial wouldn't go a miss. I'll have too remember to ask.

The third part of my day was going to Susie Wrights leaving party (Susie was our ambassador boss) It's a real shame thats she's leaving because she is such an interesting person to talk about your work, and she is very good at relating your work to getting a job in the outside world. Very down to earth as well, also, i've been working for her for three years- it's going to be odd having a new boss. Me and Joe popped over to the Tate and bought her a present- a mug with a rabbits face on the bottom, so when you drink out of it you look like a rabbit (It is actually hillarious) She was very greatful, and gave us her card. I think Camden working mens college is the first place i'm going to send my CV when i leave college.

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