Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 1 of Exhibition set up

I helped Clive all day today with the lights. I bolted lights cable tied until i was blue in the face. As well as going and paying for some materials and sending technicians receipts. Oh and i got lunch. It doesn't sound like much but i was pretty busy and i think he was glad for the help. Unfortunately we didn't get as far as we wanted today with the lights. one of the bulbs blew and we had to wait for an electrician to come to make sure everything was being wired correctly. It turned out that it was fine, which was good but at the same time annoying because there was so much more time that could have been used productively. Clive said that he's going to have to be in by 8am tomorrow to try and get it all done.

My role was chosen for tomorrow evening- I am going to be a tour guide, with a twist- the students don't want me to mis-represent their work. It's a little odd that i have been given a role that seems a lot like a piece of work that i would do anyway. a performance that is out of context and participatory. This is probably to do with peoples consciousnesses though, not wanting to give me anything too terrible to do- also i think there is an aspect of people not wanting to decide on anything in particular to do with me, or maybe again, people not knowing what i can do because they don't know me too well- therefore they choose a task they've seen me do before.

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