Friday, 14 January 2011

Alter Piece & Peckham Heros

 It was the Peckham hero's private view last night- and it was packed! I've never actually been to the Peckham space before so i thought Joe was exaggerating a little when he said it was small. However it wasn't too bad when things started to clear out a little. Plus there was a free tipple of wine. It wasn't actually what i expected, going along to the Karaoke sessions before Christmas i don't think i expected the exhibition to be so neat and evenly hung. I think i was expecting something like my dressing up box at home next to singstar! I'm unsure why i thought that. I also wasn't expecting paintings- but i think maybe in an exhibition like this where the artist is celebrating a community (with the communities celebrities) in a way there has to be a pictorial reference so the message is fully received by the people who will be going in there.
We didn't sing. However, we did see ourselves on the screen and apparently our voices will be heard for 3 months over and over again to link with the karaoke film. I do feel sorry for the staff. At the end of the show, Jessica came over to say thank you to us which was really nice, because we should have been thanking her for the opportunity, plus we had loads of fun doing it. I also asked her if she would make a postcard for our fundraising auction- maybe a little cheeky, but she did say 'if there is anything i can do'- that's becoming a phrase that people should avoid saying to me nowadays. I can't wait to go back and see myself singing- all of my childhood dreams have come true, being a celebrity, singing on a stage and it being on a film that people watch over and over again!

On another note, Robs alter piece is finally finished and it looks marvellous, although i do feel that my gilding skills could do with a little more of a boost...

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