Monday, 6 December 2010

Setting Up in an Alternative Space

The end of the first day of set up and we have approximately one piece of work on the wall and one that is in bubble wrap in the middle of the space. The black space however is set up and bits of wall have been spruced with white paint. People don't seem too interested in helping with the curation part and unless everyone is in on Wednesday morning willing to help with the set up i don't see how we can do a group curation. I've also had a couple of late submissions today- but at least they could show me their work, so that's not too disconcerting. It wasn't too bad today- I'm probably over-exaggerating the lack of work that got done because by the end of the day the space did look spick and span. Sam deserves a big pat on the back also- as always he managed to be there on time (Well before me) and helped me out a lot- especially with the harsh task of hanging black-out curtains in the doorways of the black space and working out where to put projections etc (technical advice was very much appreciated). Tomorrow is going to be jam packed- despite the set up dates being today and Wednesday- a couple of the part-time students can only bring in their work to me tomorrow so i will have to pop into college, as well as travelling to Essex for my sisters 11th birthday and then back into London again to do a last minute Christmas shop for Wednesday (Another wartime tradition). A lot is now relying on everything going well and to plan on Wednesday, yet as much as I've planned i still don't trust myself to have remembered everything.
Exhibition Poster completed by myself today (Not my usual style, but i thought i should make the poster simple and illustrative):

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