Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Peckham Karaoke!

Today, Joe and I went down to Camberwell college to help and artist with her forthcoming show. Jessica Voorsanger is curating and making work in the Peckham space called 'The Peckham Heroes' based around who the locals community's heroes are that are from Peckham; I think local schools got involved in choosing the people they thought most deserving of being a Peckham hero and our role in all of this was to dress up as them and sing some Karaoke!
 There were 10 Heroes with 10 songs and we could pick who we dressed as - I dressed as Jo Brand to start with which involved wearing a massive comical bra and a black wig; Jo Brands song was 'hit me baby one more time'- Joe followed by dressing as an Edwardian 'Thomas Tilling' (The man who invented the bus stop) and Sang a song he didn't know the words to by the Hollies strangely called 'Bus stop'. We were there with a couple of others so it was slightly embarrassing, especially as some of them could really sing well. It was very fun though- we also did a spin of dressing in football kits, Joe was Rio Ferdinand and i was Mary Phillips (Both footballers)- we sang 'Three lion's' and 'Proud Mary'Michael Caine wig throughout the performance, but apparently it was better with the wig!

Looking forward to the show- maybe not so much the film that is going on YouTube though...

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