Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Invitations via e-mail

Dear Rob

You are cordially invited to:

'The recession will be over by christmas' festive party and buffet.

I will be receiving guests tomorrow at 4pm for a pre-buffet drink outside room A124, in Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Please dress accordingly, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow:-

Also, if you wouldn't mind, could you please bring along with you some sugar?

RSVP: nataliebays@msn.com

Sent from my iPhone

I decided to use e-mail in the spirit of the new e-card craze that seems to be appearing in companies at Christmas nowadays. Instead of receiving a charity Christmas card as you would about 5 years ago, as an 'eco' solution companies have started to use e-Christmas cards to send out to large numbers of clients and staff. I find this questionable to whether or not it is a solution to stop cutting down trees, especially as i have seen the amount of waste in stationary cupboards in various 'brand changing' estate agents. It is more likely a simple way to save money.
The other thing noticeable about this invite is the request to bring something along to the buffet in the wartime spirit- and of course the contradictory 'sent from my iphone' stamp.

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