Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Dinner

Its only the 4th December in our house but we have already had the tree up for 3 weeks and last night we celebrated with a house Christmas dinner. Without saying Ba-humbug too many times on the lead up to Christmas, I'd like to point out that all the festivities is not something that i would immediately think of. Joe had organised this dinner about 4 years ago i think and he invited queen and country to come along. Unfortunately they didn't but we (Me Joe and Anika) had a fun time with our guests Nick and Charlotte (Our old housemate). Dinner did actually tun out to be quite fantastic. See the shopping list:

Christmas dinner shopping list:

Brussels sprouts
Petit pois peas
Yorkshire puddings
Big baking container
Cashew nuts
Red pepper
Black olives
Raspberry coulis
Crackers/ more cheese?
Cranberry sauce
Mulled wine
Pigs in blankets?
Vegetable oil
Ice cream
Christmas crackers
Trifle mix
Orange juice

Joe cooked a mean nut-roast and my roast potatoes were very good (recipe stolen from my mum)- me and Joe also managed to cook a chicken (despite the vegetarian- ness we both suffer) and Anika whipped up a very satisfying trifle. We actually had a five course meal- including a melon starter, cheese board and a round of port o help it all go down. Very satisfying- although by the time we had finished it was dark and Joe and Charlotte's challenge of making a snowman fell slightly short at... well at that it was very short i suppose. There was also a big snowball fight, which usually you can't have after the traditional timing of Christmas dinner which made the night unique (although i stayed way out of it- I'm very miserable when it comes to snow- i can't bare people throwing snowballs at me)
We finished with a quiz that i hosted- a DVD quiz that i had made a couple of years ago for my family to play (Which was quite obvious when i started asking questions about the Olympics in the 60's and Christmas songs from the 20's) I remember one year i had made a bonus round for my family based on songs from Disney films and they were quite livid because the questions weren't in their time frame of knowledge- my brother and sister did very well in that round though. To be honest i think that Disney quiz would have gone down a lot better last night than the 30 year old one. The DVD part of the quiz was good,  despite me forgetting what most of the answers were- there was a zooming in section where you had to be the first to guess what the image was and a drawn conundrum section where you had to guess what the pictures meant.
Anyway, Charlotte won- due to her luck in the DVD rounds and Anika was upset that i had given people extra points for silly answers. I think i wasn't the best quiz master, but we all had fun!
Not looking forward to cleaning the dishes this morning...

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