Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Char's Birthday

I have just finished all of my duties that i needed to get done for tomorrows exhibition- DVD's burned, shopping bought and costume and equipment all in my bag for tomorrow. Unfortunatley i couldn't get the tableware in Sainsbury's that i wanted to for the work tomorrow, but there was a boundary that i could only shop in one shop for the work (Just as in wartime you would've only been allowed to use your ration book in one shop)- So i had to make do with Balloon covered tablecloths and napkins- i think anything would've been better than this!
I'm surprised that i managed to get it all done today actually- although i am completely stressed and tired after hearing that the event on thursday has been cancelled due to the protest on thursday- but this should help with my stressed mother character tomorrow.

Charlotte was quite upset that i had to leave so early on her birthday too- I was supposed to be going out to dinner wih my family but i didn't realise how late they were going. I think i made it up by playing a board game- plus the present that i got her was pretty nifty- an ATM machine money box. I would like one of those.
The board game we played is actually very fun- it's called the Logo game and the main aim i think is to show you how much of a consumer you really are. I'm very good at it, which means that i know every brand and ad on TV -it seems that i also know alot about car branding and what chocolate bars look lik if you cut them in half.  Well worth playing though- the only quiz i'm any good at, well,  maybe second to Disney Trivial Persuits.

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