Sunday, 12 December 2010

Charlottes Party- The depths of Thurrock

 It was Charlotte's Birthday party today, and as with any young girl she has had a birthday party at the weekend. However, strangely enough she has chosen to have a pizza party which commenced at 10.30am... I don't know about anyone else, but i can't really stomach pizza at that time in the morning, especially after a 30 min country drive through Okendon because the M25 is full of traffic. Anyway, we got there and were hanging around for pizza hut to open. Billy pulled out his vouchercloud phone app; pre-determining what discount food we were to consume. 11am came, and pizza hut still hadn't opened- one of the mums was getting a little flustered, angry that they hadn't opened it yet- "Do they not know we have a birthday party here?! (looks at my mum) are you sure you booked it?"- my mum, quite angry at the comment went and spoke to one of the staff rushing around in the darkened 'hut'- asking why they hadn't opened the restaurant yet for the party, the lady, very apologetically explained that no one had told her and she was on her own that day. Despite the anger at pizza hut that morning, the lady worked really hard to put together a party for my sister (although slightly late) and her friends all had fun. It just goes to show that you shouldn't rely on an industrial/retail park pizza hut to put together a birthday party. Especially on a Sunday morning.

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