Friday, 10 December 2010

An alternative space take down- thus marks the end of term

The end of term and a month off to catch up with all of the work i have been holding off for a couple of weeks. Although... i still have  a couple of things to do in college next week.
I took down the exhibition this afternoon- rushing in before 2pm so i could say goodbye to Sam before he ventures out to Canada for a couple of months- I actually got to college at 10 past 2 and dropped his Christmas card outside which i then had to find. I 'm the friend that is difficult to deal with, but you don't have the heart to tell them.
Anyway, as i  took down the show and moved all of the furniture out of the Opt-in space ready for the MA students over Christmas, somebody turned up to see the show. It was quite upsetting really- due to the lack of people that had come to see the show that she would come in just as i had finished packing up. It was actually the girl from the Saturday school that was interested in performance as well, so i felt doubly bad that she had come after college with a friend and there was nothing to see. We had a beer though and talked about the show. Joe ran to get some footage of my piece of work and i gave her a bit of a tour of the studio to show her what had been in the exhibition. It was really nice that she was interested enough to turn up though- she was very complimentary of the work too.

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