Thursday, 9 December 2010

An Alternative Space: The Private View

Everything came together in the end! Hurrah!

The exhibition did look very good in the end, despite having to pretty much curate the show on my own yesterday- all of the work that was said to be going into the exhibition turned up and looked pretty good in the spaces that i had chosen, Sam helped a hell of a lot too with setting up projectors for the black space and making sure the double projection timing that i wanted to do worked. There were a couple of last minute changes involving having to move one of the sculptures into the breakout space because it was fragile- and moving me upstairs with my performance because of the people still working in the studio (One of the main decisions was that we had to leave the space for people to be able to work in) That was fine though because it meant some of the more subtle pieces were not lost to my Buffet. There was a bit of a let down in the end that not many people actually turned up for the private view- although its understandable that people didn't have time to help with set up and curation, I'm shocked that the people exhibiting didn't bother to come.

I got some good feed back about the overall organisation and look of the exhibition, so i am happy for that reason -although i didn't feel that my work really showed itself very well aesthetically after the performance- probably due to the fact that i had to get that balloon covered table cloth- oh, and some Graphics students came in to trash the room- throwing food all over the place. I thought the performance went well- the fictional roles that i subtly gave to people throughout the evening were totally set by the end of the hour and from talking to people afterwards i was very convincingly stressed. One of the participants even thought that i had managed to loose all of my money and was very indebted to the bank so told another participant off when i went to buy him tea from the Tate (Another little nugget of information on wartime parties- my nan said that tea was rationed- but not in cafes so you would go over to a cafe to buy tea instead of brewing it yourself- one of the participants was asked to bring sugar along with them to go in the tea) A couple of my favourite parts of the performance were when everyone took it upon themselves to stand for the queens speech- one of the fictionally younger participants sneakily had a drink of beer and i told her off- and when everyone clapped the fictional father at the end of the performance for 'bringing the food to the table'
Photos to come...

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