Monday, 6 December 2010

An Alternative Space: Event- 9th December 2pm

Hey everyone,

As part of the 'An Alternative Space' exhibition being held in the Opt-In Space BG01 from 8th-10th December, SALT are hosting a discussion around the theme of 'alternative spaces' on Thursday 9th December, in the Opt-In Space, starting at 2pm.

The discussion will feature talks from Rosalie Schweiker, who has set up an alternative space called 'the Emely' in order to explore the idea of the need to set up our 'own thing', as a place for her and others to work, and a place to invite people to, who's website you can look at here , and by Jake Caleb, about the problematic elements involved in setting up alternative spaces that he has encountered through his own practice. There will also be free tea and biscuits, served in cups made by Rosalie Schweiker.

The event is open to anyone, if there are any questions then feel free to email me on

See you there!


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