Monday, 22 November 2010

Winter Wonderland!

We took a house trip down to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde park today- originally the plan was to go and see The museum of everything, but when checking the website on the way there we noticed that it wasn't actually open. The quick change of plan involved going to see some Anish Kapoor by the Serpentine Gallery, however we thought we would walk through Hyde park to get there and by passing bumped into the Winder wonderland. It was very brightly coloured and wonderful as we expected, but unfortunately everything was far too expensive. We settled with buying some doughnuts and having some pictures taken with a pretend Santa. O well, onto the artwork.
The Anish Kapoor was ok, it was a little too predictable for me though, we may have just looked at  the photos in the Time Out mag we had instead of walking for half an hour to see the same sculpture doing the same thing in 3 different locations. Perhaps i just have a short attention span, but i did enjoy the winter wonderland more.

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