Saturday, 6 November 2010

Performance success!

Success at work today at college- I have been asked to help out with the Saturday School programme in line with the ambassador programme that i am involved in, over the next couple of weeks. The Saturday school this year is for potential 1st generation  university students that are at college  or school preparing for their art foundation courses. Today's task involved animating sentences- some obscure- some simple, but with the intention to create a stop motion animation at the end of the month with all of the important supporting material. It was my role to talk to the students today and help them with initial ideas of where they would like to take their work. This is also the same group of students that were doing portfolio practise a couple of weeks ago, so they all know my work already. Anyway- one of the sentences was 'painting yourself into a corner', a student today asked for my help with the task because as everyone else was drawing and cutting out letters she was finding the task a little boring. She asked me about my work- after seeing it in the previous weeks and said it was a shame she couldn't do performance in this session. So we found a way to incorporate the task into a performative piece. instead of just animating the words in 2D we animated them in 2D  within a performance. It consisted of the girl in a manic way writing the sentence on pieces of paper with black paint and putting them in front of her (Each time moving slightly backwards)- eventually she was writing with her fingers dipped in the paint and was under a table in the corner of a room! Brilliant- Performance in the Saturday school! Next week she is planning a stop motion performance....

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