Thursday, 25 November 2010

New beginnings...

We met at the Morpeth on Wednesday to discuss and evaluate the last chapter of  the thegalleryistalking project- despite it being an evaluative session we actually had a really good time and chat about the things that were good and bad, we also had a very nice meal (which is unusual with pub visits). People were surprisingly positive about what had gone on and the plans for the next steps of the project- i think the discussion was mainly based around the opening and whether people got anything out of the project. I think i certainly did. It made me realise that i shouldn't take on too many responsibilities all at once, not just for the time ratio i have to do everything in, but also because i have a tendency to take over situations, which isn't necessarily good (Hopefully i will act upon this new knowledge- although it may be too late!). The meeting has also set the point for me as the end of the second year and the beginning of the third year and new responsibilities, partly for the responsibility of taking over the project but also because all of my projects left over from last year are finished.
I called a meeting on Tuesday with the three new people that were to be joining the project and us old members - the new people didn't turn up. I had the assumption that they would just come. But i have to realise that not everybody's mind works in the same way as mine (I would go to the opening of a letter!), not everyone checks their e-mails 15 times a day,  and some apologise after the event for not coming instead of giving warning. It's a shame because i wouldn't have minded arranging the meeting for a different day if i had known that they had their seminar that day. Also, it is probably quite daunting to go to a different studio as a new 1st year to go and meet up with a couple of dominating 3rd years. I'll have to make sure that next time they don't feel as if they can't tell me if they can't attend- perhaps we can meet in their studio? I miss the Blue room- such neutral territory.

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