Friday, 26 November 2010

Christmas Face Painting at HWPS

It is officially the Christmas season. My sisters primary school had their Christmas fayre earlier today and despite most of the children being off school this week with some sort of flu or illness, there was a decent turn out. We didn't make as much money as in the summer fayre but we were only there for half of the time.
I can't say that i have actually ever done Christmas themed face painting before, its not really the the right season; but i think the school makes so much money from me and my mum doing it that they can't afford not to bring us in. Still, my mum came up with some very good designs- a snowman which was very popular and a reindeer that looked good- although my sister hated it when my mum practised on her. Charlotte was actually one of the children that had been ill that week- she was deceptively quiet and green looking- yet as a reindeer she seemed absolutely fine. My favourite of the designs that i came up with was a roast dinner (a bit of a cult favourite i think, as only my sisters friends dared to have it).
There was one boy who had his face painted as a snowman- which wasn't unusual, however his dad filmed the whole thing- it was very sweet, but I'm now waiting to find myself on YouTube "Terrible face painter attempts snowman, lol!" I think that it was more of the case of being new to the country- his dads English wasn't great and they both seemed to be far too fascinated with the fayre and what was happening- as the rest of the crowd (mainly cash losing parents) were huffing through predictability of tin tombolas and Santa's grotto's. I thoroughly enjoyed the fayre... minus Charlotte spilling my newly bought cup of tea.

I'm looking forward to the Chelsea Christmas Fayre next week!

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