Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Thesis and Opt-in

I handed in my thesis today- a day early. You might think that i am quite proud of what i have written- this is not the case at all- I'm only handing it in early because i have to be somewhere at 8am tomorrow morning  until the contact desk closes. I managed to do about 1,300 of the 2,000 that we were supposed to hand in and it's not very polished.  I'm regretting not doing enough reading over the summer. My thesis is about funding in the arts and government hospitality with this funding which I'm finding out now is a very complex subject and i don't even know where to start. Hopefully i will have a  brain wave over the next couple of weeks and know exactly what i am doing.
Anyway, we had our studio induction meeting yesterday and most of the ideas discussed last week were taken well. It was difficult as expected- none of the 1st year students seemed to know what was going on and they just seemed to stare at the 2nd years presenting ideas- I'm still unsure if they had any input into what we had decided by the end. I was disheartened by the end of the meeting as to whether or not i wanted to stay in the opt in space, which is a shame because i have put so much time into it in the past year. I felt as if some very brash decisions were made at the end of the day that hadn't been discussed up until that point. The blue room has gone- which was part of the space last year- basically it was a space that belonged to the whole course, but attached to the opt-in space. A bit like a common room. My upset at this decision was that out of all of the space we had in the opt-in- this is the bit that i used. Not the bit that i used most, but the part that i used- full stop. I also got a very patronising response from another member of the space when i explained that i needed that space for meetings, and it is difficult to have meetings in a studio- "Were not going to stop you from inviting your friends in"- I don't think my point was understood at all.

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