Friday, 22 October 2010

thegalleryistalking -Chapter two

I forgot to mention in my previous blogs that there was a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the next steps of thegalleryistalking project. Unfortunately only 3 of us turned up to the meeting, which suggests that nobody else wants to carry on with the project this year. Also, sadly, the link that we had with the Tate Britain has been shaken up because of the staff cuts. The lady whom we have been working with up until now is involved in this shake up- so there is no real certainty for the project. The only way forward really for the project is for it to become student led, with minimal input from the Tate until things are sorted out. We have been told however that the bosses in the Tate liked the Map and would like to put it out on the gallery information desks.
The decision that we came to at the end of the meeting was that, one of us would not continue after Christmas because of other work commitments, our website man would stay in the production of the website and still work on the project but he is going on exchange for three months after Christmas also. This means that it ha been put into my hands to guide thee project through the year and try and keep it going on recruiting new members, Joe has also said that he will be part of the group this year. So we would be looking to recruit a couple of first or second year students to carry on.
I'm now in the process of organising a slide show presentation for those interested and hopefully we will get a good response. I would like the project to continue because it is a new development for art galleries to realise dyslexic access, and i am really interested in the resource making aspect of the project.

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