Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hitachi Private View

The private view yesterday was a very stressfully classy and entertaining evening. The Hitachi Consulting staff were all really pleased with the catalogue, as were the students (I think) and they layed on a brilliant spread of wine and nibbles.  I can honestly say that it was a very deserving crescendo to the months and months of work that everyone has put into this project and I think that Jeff (The Organiser) was very pleased. The staff and guests were all very impressed with the work, and for the first time i actually stepped back from the curatorial nit-picking and saw the show for what it was. A very good one, with some really excellent pieces of work.
 We also stopped for a drink after the show with the majority of the PV guests and exhibitors- my last role project managing was to try and find a table big enough for us to all fit around. Not the easiest of tasks and by the time i had everyone sat down, people started to leave. A couple of us stayed until a bit later and had a good drink to the project, which i feel i will start to severely miss tomorrow when i can stop thinking about it-
Here are some pictures of the evening-

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