Friday, 8 October 2010

Hitachi Catalogue

Fantastically my boyfriend has taken the design of the Hitachi Catalogue out of my hands. It was still at the point of not having any info or refinements on it the other day and there was a little problem about my design being very poor. He is going to mix the corporate of Hitachi with the conceptual of Chelsea- and get rid of everything purple that i put in it. He is also going to use the proper design programme on the computer and take control of lowering he price of printing. Yesterday morning we also went to the Hitachi Office at 8am to take some professional photos of the work (He is a photographer) before i had to be in college for my first seminar of the year - we also went back later that evening to finish up. It takes the pressure off of me to get it done-  however i still have to get information for the catalogue and relinquish control- which i have big issues with. I was very tired and worried by the end of yesterday, but the designs that Nick has come up with are so much more professional than mine and the photos are brilliant. I also had the opportunity to be his assistant. Although it wasn't completely a professional outfit, it was an interesting role to play- getting coffee and being in charge of the flash. We had one of those portable flash guns- only it was a couple of decades old so it was attached to a heavy box and looked like one from a spider man cartoon, brilliant.
Catalogue has to be completed by Monday. Fingers crossed we will have it done.

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