Monday, 4 October 2010

Fundraising, Training, House Finding and Thesis

Things are slowly coming together to suggest how packed to the brim this year will be. It is only the first Monday of the working term and i haven't stopped today. We have 2,000 words to hand in on Wednesday for our thesis (A little pressure reminded to us in our third year meeting today). Something i should have taken more time on over the summer- I underestimated how busy i would be with work- not a valid excuse really, but something that i can possibly resolve by good time management now.
 On the upside though, we have found somewhere to live- I received the call during a training course on Friday morning to confirm- hopefully we will be able to move in this week- although i will probably have to leave it until the weekend now.
 The training course that i was in on Friday continued today as well. It was a course to aid public speaking and presentation skills- It was really useful, as we are just about to commence a year of prospective student presentations in the lecture theatre, which will most likely be daunting and full of in-answerable questions. The main aspect of the course that i thought was really great was that the two people that were giving the advice were graduates of our college that had started their own business doing these workshops. It did give me a bit of hope for when i leave college that i might be able to get a job or even work for myself- here's to hoping!
There is still this year to get through though- and there is lots of work to be involved with. After the stage 3 meeting we got together to talk about fundraising for the degree show. We need to raise £10-15,000 to fund everything including catalogues, drink and extras. We did have a very productive meeting though, where we spoke about positions we would like to take within the fundraising team- and lots of people were keen to put in ideas of what they could do to help. I think our first bake sale is in a week or so to start off the fundraising. So good luck bakers with that.
Better get off and continue writing my Thesis...

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