Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Being behind

This blog is about exactly what it says on the tin. I'm behind in lots of things- I had my first thesis tutorial yesterday which went quite well considering i handed in something that was very ambiguous and incomplete, he gave me some advice about thinking about why i was writing the essay and how i should think about artists intention more from a human perspective. I think the discussion just generally calmed my nerves about it. but he gave me another hand in date for a couple of weeks time to get everything up to scratch.
The Catalogue was supposed to be sent to print on Monday, but after talking to the printers Nick found out that i had been given the wrong quote for what i wanted and it was actually going to cost twice as much. Nick is working on negotiations...
Finally, I went to senior section last night for our second meeting and only one girl turned up. When questioned if i had told them when the meeting was, i replied with yes- i sent an e-mail to everyone and set up a face book page, face book messaged, and for the girl that doesn't have Internet access, i sent a text. I don't think there was much more i could do to be honest. Hopefully I'm going to try and arrange a meeting for the week after next. It will be quite difficult to arrange it around college though. It was quite frustrating tonight because i had to come all the way back to Essex from London for nothing, and of course there is the fare to pay. I just wish they had said they couldn't make it.

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