Thursday, 2 September 2010

A very full day of working at college

Yesterday we started work at 7am. The MA Show breakfast. I don't think i have ever been so tired in my life- yet to be honest it wasn't that early. We were hanging around for a while though before things got going, which probably resulted in the tiredness. The main purpose we were there was to give tours to collectors if they wanted them, there was one person and i missed them because i went to the toilet, good timing. It was a little pointless me being there- but i did get to see  Lucien Freud, he had come to look specifically at one piece of work (I think)- We didn't get a chance to give him a name badge though because it had been stolen by one of the MA students messing about. An ambassador was ushered over to try and take his picture but being polite, he asked and was declined. I am envious of the interaction though. I wish i could have been turned away by Lucian Freud! We had work again that evening, this time for the MA private view- we did a superb job giving out maps and even had a little chat with the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea as he entered- well, i offered him a map and a sticker, he did laugh... By this time it had been a long day and my mind was frazzled. Truthfully though, we were highly complemented on our map giving out skills, we got into it.
One person ruined that evening for me, which was a shame because i had a fun time working. As we were ushering people out at around 5 minutes past closing time (baring in mind that we had already told people that they had ten minutes) a man came over to me and said that i was being really obnoxious- in his words he said "You have told me at least three times to leave in different rooms of the exhibition and i think it is very rude" - how do you reply to that without saying "Perhaps you should have left the first time?" hmmm?

On a different note: I went to the Havering museum today- a first for heritage in Havering. It has recently been placed inside the old brewery- which coincidentally is the theme of a whole exhibition room about the local pubs in Romford. I'm not going to challenge the relevance and cultural richness of the museum, however, one of the exhibits was a print of Ian Dury because he is a local boy and there was an exhibit about the second world war in Epping.

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