Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I went to Rainbows today after being out of service for about a year- my intention last year was to try and make as many sessions as i can, but found again with the commuting last year and so much going on at college, i could never find the time. It is a real shame though, because i have been with the group since i was 19, and have always had fun with the kids and the leaders. The main problem I find with Rainbows is the time- 4.30 on a wednesday- slap bang in the middle of the day and because th girls are 5-7 years old there is a 1:5 ratio needed for adults. I have however commited to a month, because i'm not at college at the moment and there is a shortage of leaders. Basically i will be a leader there until we can get a mum to join and commit to be there every week. It's a shame that i can't commit, bu realistically, if i have a tutorial/ seminar on a wednesday, it's to important for my course to miss. Hopefully i will be able to pop in every now and again when they need me.

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