Sunday, 29 August 2010

House Hunting and Bar Haunting

August 23rd. The first day of our official house hunt, however i am unsure what has made this week worst, the fact that every house that we have asked to view is either gone when we ask or gone by the time we get there to look, or the fact that i was working in an estate agent the previous week showing people around fantastic £1000 per week properties that they could afford? O dear.

On the up-side, myself and Joe gave up house hunting on Thursday to embark on an adventure to help out a theatre school in Sevenoaks on a 15 year anniversary performance. We were only working on the bar, but helping out none the less, and we got hear and see the show a tremendous amount. The original plan we had was to sing everyones orders to the tune of famous musical tunes-
"The bottle of beer is here... £2.50 please" (Tune of phantom of the opera- you have to be imaginative)
Joe in a bandstand, in sevenoaks practising bar order songs!
However that failed when, on the first interval we were swept off our feet with the amount of orders we had in a very short amount of time. I also managed to spill baby food down myself- what baby food was doing on top of the lemonade i will never know- I can't say that i ever encountered that problem when i worked in a pub.
 One of our days outside of the theatre we walked to a local gastropub and bought a cheese board, a disappointingly long walk, however, a very good amount of cheese and an excellent tipple of port!
 The outcome of our generosity of this bar work, was a vague thank you at the end of the third performance,  the opportunity to see Ian Beal's son from Eastenders (the one that's not in it anymore) in the flesh and a slightly bizarre theatre man asking for my number so he can quit his job and work for my estate agent as a house sitter.

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