Friday, 23 July 2010

The Ties that Bind- The performances

The performances yesterday went really well and were both full to the brim with audience. My main part in the show being stage manager was to move chairs and keep people quiet- but i think i did well. Nobody really needed prompting so i think the main thing about a performance such as this one is to keep everyone's morale up throughout the performance and keep people fed and watered. Yesterday morning consisted of shopping for lunch, cleaning the kitchen up, making lots of tea, and of course collating props and chairs. Overall it was thoroughly enjoyable though, all of the actors are such friendly people- as were the people working with us in the theatre.
We did have a bit of an accident with the director falling over onto his wrist- it looked pretty swollen, but in true theatre style he suggested that the show must go on. That was the only accident though, including audience, so a safe-ish show.
Some of my favourite parts of the show, were of course the singing, my nan and Kitty- both songs very different, my nan sang 'slow boat to china' which got the audience singing along. Kitty's song was much sadder, and left the majority of the audience speechless. I also enjoyed Jeans story about her gran and how she cut a lady's feather off her hat because she couldn't see at the theatre.
The theatre itself was an amazing building, If you've not been there before, it is worth a trip, even for a cup of tea. It really brightens up the street that its placed in, amazing doors- stairs and general interior/ exterior.

Follow the link below to see the video played at the beginning of the show:

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for camping this evening with the Guides- hopefully I'll be able to get some more links on here soon of the production.

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