Friday, 30 July 2010

Portfolio Day

Back in Chelsea today, to work on a portfolio day- Slightly demoralising when A-level students don't understand any of your work. Fair enough they are not really taught performance art in A-level/ GCSE, but they seemed somewhat disappointed that i didn't do painting anymore. It was also quite hard to explain why working in a collaboration is valid work and not just copying. Which meant that the response to our work from Norway was mainly laughing, with in between choices such as "Is that you?" and "What are you doing!?"
To be honest, apparently we had pretty much the same response from our exhibition piece in Norway- Ellie explained it as being the Norwegian art scene only liking paintings, so in some ways the spirit of our vacation lived on throughout the exhibition, I think it did go well over all though- Ellie was pleased with the outcome and curation, so i wont argue with that.

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