Monday, 21 June 2010


ICT PE went well, maybe not as many people as i would have liked to have taken part- however i think that those who did participate enjoyed themselves. I think it just goes to show how advertising is so crucial in a practise like mine. I've always had quite a brash approach to my work and i think maybe this is something that has always worked in my favour. I tell friends and family to some, and the majority of the time they do. However, when it comes to others, maybe fellow students or the public it is quite a different story. Perhaps there is a level of intimidation because i do bring my family or people that are not necessarily interested in art to these college events? Maybe this is something that i should think about? Does this make my work less mature or less fashionable or quaint? Or is it just a style of my practice? I enjoy bringing others into my practise that would not often participate or think of art in this way. Maybe widening participation has to have a level of quaintness to appeal to the 'normal people'?

Anyway,...When i actually had the initial ideas for this piece of work i somewhat imagined a lot more rebellion to actually join in with it, but i didn't receive any, so i am quite shocked (I'm not sure if i am relieved) People seemed quite willing to conform and there wasn't any tension in the lessons. I thought PE wouldn't go down too well in an art college, perhaps i was just stereotyping? I was very worn out after though!

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