Sunday, 25 July 2010

Camping- Orsett Showground

Guides isn't a group i usually help out with so coming into the showground on Friday evening i didn't know who i was looking for, it was a massive gathering as well which didn't help- a centenary event in a big field. There wasn't much going on on the first night other than putting up tents and for me getting to know each other. There was a massive ants nest in our food tent which was a bit of a problem, lots of screaming girls worrying about their sleeping bags having ants in them. I thought it was quite funny, and luckily we managed to usher them off to get food. Well. It was a burger van- so not really food. It was a big cheek actually, the food situation- all of the girls had paid for their food to be inclusive yet when we got to the vans, there was a choice between a burger and chips or chips and a drink. You would think a meal would automatically come with a drink- but apparently not, even though it has been about 90 degrees over the weekend. On the second evening we had a couple of tokens left over so we bought loads of drinks with them so everyone could have a decent meal (not that we were supposed to, and i got alot of aggravation from the burger van people for doing it).
But anyway, trying not to moan too much about the catering, the next day we had a centenary parade- each district were supposed to dress up as a decade, only we didn't find out ours until the morning of the parade- this is where my artistic talent came in and within an hour, together we had made everybody paper number tags so we would look like Olympic runners for our decade (2010-2020). I must say that some of the groups had really tried with their costumes, but ours were the best for the timeline we had to make them. 
The parade was followed with a fayre which had some entrainment and was open to the public- there were some dog shows and dancing in the main arena, and quite alot  of old fayre games- like the wet sponge 'stock' games and hook the duck etc- so i thoroughly enjoyed it. There was also a very large sweet stall where i spent the majority of my money. It was so hot though that it was quite hard to enjoy anything without wanting to lay down or have a drink. Also, stupidly, after making all of the guides put loads of sun cream on, i forgot to put any on myself, so i finished the weekend slightly crisp and very red.....

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