Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Nolga Nolga!

As Joe and I (The 'No' collective) prepare for our vacation to Norway, we wonder on the stereotype of a Norwegian. What to expect when we get there, and what we have learned about Norway from our very good friend Ellie with whom we are to stay with (We have learned very little, other than some choice phrases).
On wondering this, we also wonder what Norwegians expect of the English when they visit here, or indeed when we visit Norway. We are a very ambiguous nation.
When we think of Norway, it is quite difficult to place an image of what a Norwegian looks like or behaves like, I think the closest i can think of is that Swedish people are stereotypically blond and live in houses like ikea, however that is not Norway. There are beautiful natural landforms in Norway, i learned that in A level geography, however i can think of a single time in schooling that i have learned about the Norwegian culture.
Thus the aim to go and 'learn' about Norway, while at the same time 'teaching' our own stereotypes. Everyday we are in Norway we will dress and act (to the best of our ability) as an English stereotype, produce artwork as that stereotype, and talk to people about what we are doing.
We have chosen our stereotypes, they will be: Chav, Cricketers, English Gentry (Hunter type), Country Bumkin and Edwardian.
This of course was a difficult decision to make, however we feel as if we have the most diverse stereotypes as possible.

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