Friday, 2 July 2010

Nei Vei! After Norway.

Dear Child Have Many Names
29th July 6pm- 1st August
Jomfru gata 4
Trondheim, Norway

These are the details of the exhibition that Ellie is curating in Norway over the summer in a disused shop. The piece of work from Norway that Joe and I made to be put into the exhibition is the video piece made on the first day by the Fjord in the night of us exercising as Edwardian's. Unfortunately we wont be able to see it placed in the exhibition, but if anyone is around in Norway, drop by to have a look.

We have decided after our time in Norway to label all of the work that we have made as the 'Ni Vay' project which in Norwegian is directly translated into 'No Way'- of course the phrase isn't in the Norwegian dialect but we feel it suits the work and experience. We are undecided of where to take our work from here, but if we do exhibit in London, we have a lot to do so with.
For now though, I have to turn my focus to the Tate and thegalleryistalking, and The Ties that Bind.

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