Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Day 5: No performance, last performing day

Our last performing day today, Cricket players. We have just been over to play a spot of cricket- unfortunately we couldn't find any flat ground to play on so we had to make do with an abandoned car park, behind a bus stop. Every where that has grass is actually just one big hill. What we have found from playing cricket is that actually Joe and I are very unfit, I was first to bowl and after Joe had hit the ball once i was worn out. It is also very difficult to play with just two of you. It involves a lot of general running up and down, as we didn't bring any cricket gear with us either, we used a couple of old pieces of wood that we found for a bat and stumps- an original idea that for performances we would make all of our props while in Norway (Although up until now- the final performance day- we have not needed any props)
This has probably been our least obtrusive costume of the week, so i feel a lot more comfortable, especially after finding out about the Jante Law. We do look as if we have just been playing for a club, i suppose the cricket costume doesn't differ too much by country.
We have filmed a little of us playing cricket on super 8 film- watching it back should be amusing, it will probably just be a lot of breathlessness. I also did a small performance piece this morning down by the Fjord that we filmed both on super 8 and digital, so i have watched it back already. It involved walking slowly down into the Fjord in my Edwardian under garments, slowly walking in so i disappear under the water. It seemed somewhat graceful in my mind but the realisation was quite different. The performance came from the idea that Edwardian Lady's used to swim pretty much fully clothed after being assisted into the water in a changing room of sorts. This is a performance that i wanted to do when we were Edwardian, but as it was so late it wasn't such a good idea.
The experience of walking into the water was something that i have never felt before- it was so extremely cold. Up to my waist wasn't such a problem but as my arms entered the water and it raised towards my chest i felt as if i couldn't breathe any more- I  was screaming, but there wasn't any sound coming out. I did manage to walk in as far to cover my entire head but as soon as my head was under i felt as if i was about to pass out and swam straight out. Looking back at the footage, i look like i am in pain, its not graceful, and what i felt took ages to walk all the way in was less than two minutes. My head was in and out within seconds.
To top this all off, there was the painful image in the background, of a Norwegian family- the children jumping in and out and swimming in the fjord.
Silly tourist.

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